Shared Objectives

Strategic vision – shared themes across the Partnership

2014-15 - Healthy Families   
2015-16 - East 1 Arts  
2016-17 - East 1 Readers
2017-18 - World of Work and Technology
2018-19 - Creating Our Future
2019-20 - Speak Up!
2020-21 - Speak Up!
2021-22 - Thrive
2022-23 - Economic Enterprise
2023-24 - Let’s Create!

The E1 Schools partnership shared theme for 2023 – 2024  Let’s Create!

Our shared focus across the partnership of schools is on the theme of “Let’s Create!”. This means we want all parts of our E1 Partnership community to enjoy the experience of expressing themselves creatively through forms of expressive, visual or performance arts.

Our objectives for this year are that we will ensure that:

  • Our children develop the confidence to take part in a range of expressive, visual or performance art opportunities.
  • Our families are supported to engage in cultural experiences with their children
  • Our staff are supported to deepen their understanding of how the creative arts can enrich the experience of all within the school community.

Shared Objectives Highlights