About E1 Schools

East 1 is a partnership of schools in Tower Hamlets. We work together to empower our community through raising the aspirations and achievements of pupils, families and staff.

E1 Schools Guide


East 1 Schools working in partnership. Raising Aspirations. Broadening Horizons.


For Pupils, we aim:

  • To promote excellence and ambition through widening our pupils’ cultural, creative and sporting opportunities
  • To develop pupil voice and leadership skills across the partnership
  • To make outstanding progress

For Parents and Carers, we aim:

  • To empower parents and carers to play an active role in their children's learning
  • To develop parents’ and carers’ skills for employment and increase their awareness of career opportunities for themselves and their children
  • To sustain the process of primary to secondary transfer within the cluster of schools

For Staff, we aim:

  • To develop best practice of teaching, learning and leadership across the partnership