The E1 Schools partnership shared theme for 2021 - 2022 is “Thrive”

Our shared focus across the partnership of schools is on the theme of “Thrive”. This means we want all parts of our E1 Partnership community to enjoy good health and mental wellbeing. We will work together to share knowledge and understanding of how we can promote and support the wellbeing of all stakeholder groups in our schools. We wish to empower children, young people and adults in understanding the resources and materials available to them across the locality and beyond.

Our objectives for this year are that we will ensure:

  • All work strands of the E1 Partnership will consider how we can enhance understanding of wellbeing for all groups in our community.
  • We will work together to share knowledge, skills and understanding across the Partnership about how our school community can positively promote wellbeing.
  • Our core purpose as schools in providing education will be enhanced by the shared commitment to supporting understanding of wellbeing.

Thrive at the E1 Schools

Thomas Buxton

At Thomas Buxton Primary we have identified the significant difference good health and mental wellbeing could have on improvements to our community.

To demonstrate our commitment, we have been working towards achieving the School Mental Health Award by improving our provision and support for wellbeing for all members of our school community. To achieve this we have raised the profile of mental health through our curriculum work, parental engagement (such as workshops and coffee mornings) and by celebrating national events including Children’s Mental Health Week.

We have focused on supporting pupils to identify their own needs through the Zones of Regulation in the classroom with a focus on introducing this to children in the Early Years so they are able to communicate confidently about their mental health. We have worked hard to ensure that wellbeing is threaded throughout the curriculum, for example, in PHSE, circle time and assemblies so that pupils are able to share how they feel and so that there is an open and supportive dialogue for everyone in school.

By establishing links with the Tower Hamlets Educational Wellbeing Team (THEWS) children and families at Thomas Buxton are now accessing vital support to promote wellbeing such as workshops and whole class interventions. Furthermore, a crucial element of our work to enhance wellbeing in our school has been the consultation with staff regarding the Department for Education’s Wellbeing Charter; this has taken place termly with all members of staff in professional development meetings and has been extremely useful in identifying what we are doing well and what our next steps will be whilst ensuring inclusivity across our school community.

William Davis

In light of the children and school community recovering for two years of the covid pandemic leaders at William Davis worked hard to plan with a focus on mental and physical wellbeing for all.

We opened school fifteen minutes early every morning to allow for the “Fit Start” exercise session and  for fine motor skill practice. We reviewed our curriculum and increased the time for Physical Education in the timetable. In addition we prioritised sports clubs before and after school and at lunch times in order to ensure all children returned to being physically fit and well.

Our approach to mental wellbeing was multi-layered. We audited staff and developed key actions to support our practice. A key theme for staff was to  take onboard the learning from covid that we need to focus on less, do it well and ensure it has a positive impact on children’s learning.

  • We ensured our induction systems for new children, parents and staff were thorough and effective.
  • We strengthened our staff teamwork and communication systems.
  • We introduced circlework as part of our restorative approach with parents and staff, in addition to our work with children.
  • We reviewed and developed our PSHE curriculum offer.
  • We developed our toolbox for working with children and families through our work with THEWs and Nurture UK. We embedded Zones of Regulation in classes. We offered 1-1 and group sessions for parents with a focus on children with anxiety and challenging behaviour. We introduced peer supervision and  provided training on Trauma Informed practice, Nurture Groups, the Boxall profile and Emotion Coaching for staff.

Osmani Primary School

In Osmani Primary School, children and staff have taken part in many wellbeing activities based on the theme of “THRIVE”. We took part in empowering music projects, engaging mindfulness activities and participated in interactive mental health workshops. These activities have enhanced and supported our understanding of wellbeing and provided us with the tools to positively promote wellbeing.

Kobi Nazrul Primary School

An exclusive look at school council in action at Kobi Nazrul Primary School.