Thomas Buxton Maths Week 2022: Money and Financial Literacy

It is vital that children learn about money management and that adults work to develop children's knowledge, skills and attitudes to money so at Thomas Buxton this year for Maths Week 2022 our focus was on money and financial literacy. In Maths lessons every class was taught the Measure objectives for the week and children learnt about valuing coins, calculating change and how to keep their money safe. Pupils also understood the difference between wants and needs and how to budget- all important things to consider as children develop into responsible citizens. Every class from Nursery to Year 6 also had a HSBC workshop ranging from planning a trip to the World Cup to fairy tales with a financial twist. There was also a Parent and Carer workshop in which parents could work with their child on the Maths Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFS) and play some fun games. We had 44 parents and carers attend the workshop which is fantastic! Staff also attended the Young Money and Centre of Excellence annual financial literacy conference in which Thomas Buxton was used as a case study for exemplary financial literacy learning.