Our Scholars scheme offers a broad range of curriculum opportunities to some of our most talented pupils with the aim of helping them to one day be accepted at Russell Group universities.

Year 5 and Year 6 pupils from the E1 Schools Partnership attend after-school sessions at Swanlea School where they study a range of subjects including Philosophy, Latin, Science, Debating and Mandarin Chinese. These subjects change termly to ensure that the children can experience as much as possible. As well as acquiring new skills, the pupils also enjoy mixing with children from other schools and having the opportunity to learn in a secondary school environment.

Upon joining the scheme, pupils involved visit Haileybury, an independent school in Hertfordshire, where they can take part in a wide range of activities and make new friends. Other events previously held include celebration events with special guest speakers from the wider community.

The Scholars Programme aims to address the widely-recognised issues around social mobility and aspiration amongst disadvantaged young people from deprived areas, such as those eligible for Free School Meals,  and their failure to access places at Russell Group universities. Underpinning the programme is a conviction that aspiration to achieve academically and personally is best embedded during formative years and that positive outcomes will most obviously arise with the support of committed parents.  We insist that educational activities exceeding National Curriculum requirements, ones which focus on personal and intellectual development and which also span the transition between primary and secondary schooling, are essential for creating a platform from which young people can fulfil their potential.

The Scholars Programme provides a structured programme of wider teaching and learning, including exposure to extension teaching and introduction to new subjects outside of the normal curriculum.  It offers visits from inspiring people and to inspiring places (including Oxbridge colleges), residential study and development programmes at an independent boarding school, programmes of sporting and cultural activity and educational trips around Britain and Europe.