Healthy Families

E1 Parental Engagement Aims

E1 Parental Engagement Aims - Stewart Headlam Primary School is the key link for the Healthy Families agenda.

The partnership aim is to raise aspirations and provide basic employment skill building support for families.  We also support families by signposting to other agencies and providing activities where families can learn from and support each other.

These are just some of the activities we provide:

  • ESOL classes in most of the partnership schools
  • “Made of Money” sessions where Parents can organise and budget with their monthly money income
  • Accredited courses where Parents have experience of awork placement in our schools
  • “Strengthening Families” courses or access to agencies that support strategies to use at home to ensure good behaviour management and healthy routines
  • Networking sessions for Home school/Parent Support workers so they are supported by and have clarity over the E1 agenda/aims
  • Community relationships building across the partnership by holding social cohesion events and parental forum sessions.
  • Planned secondary transfer sessions with parents and Year 5 taster days.